This is the blog of Merap-Med, a research programme funded by the Science and Technology Foundation in Portugal (PTDC/IVC-ANT/4033/2012).

The aim of the programme is to explore heritage-making processes carried out by religious communities in the Mediterranean from an ethnographic and comparative perspective.

In order to renew the field of heritage and religious studies in that region, the programme will concentrate on the various ways in which religious heritage is constructed and represented in such a multiconfessional context.

The blog will present information on the project’s topic, targets and members through short texts, reports and pictures provided by the researchers from their fieldwork.

Additionally, the blog will present details of the working papers associated with the workshops and PhD School, offering an alternative channel for the team’s output that is more easily accessible than classic academic publications.

The blog is an important tool for disseminating the research results, particularly because religious communities we work with will have easier and faster access to the research undertaken with their help.

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